woensdag 18 januari 2012

18 januari 2012 - Vic Falls

We are now on our 2nd full day by Victoria falls. On arrival we were told that there would be no bungee jumping due to the elastic snapping on New Years eve...thankfully the girl survived but there are now South African inspectors coming to see what happened..erm, the bungee snapped?
Dinner was at the Boma restaurant, with an eat all you can meat feast. Tried Kudu, Warthog, Impala, Buffalo and Eland as well as eating a Mopani worm (we both received a certificate for eating that!), before being given drums to play and do a bit of dancing.
Yesterday we took an early morning taxi to the Zambian border, walked through customs and were picked up and taken the short distance to a local airfield where we took microlights over the falls. Absolutely unbelievable, brilliant view, 15 mins of excitement ending with a low level flight over swimming hippos and crocodiles!! Within 2 hours we were back in Zimbabwe, talk about quality time in a country.
After that we watched Raoul and Claire do a tandem gorge swing (as far as i can tell just as scary as bungeeing), and Jo and Jules both did individual jumps....very impressed girls!
We then went to the national park for a walk around, great lunch and a thorough drenching from the spray.
Today we were up early again to go white water rafting, which was also brilliant. One of the rapids was level 4 but most were 2-3, which meant we only came out of the boat once. There were also times when we were allowed to jump overboard and just drift with the flow downstream until the guys picked us up again. All very well organised and followed by lunch.
For her birthday Remke received High tea at the Vic falls hotel, so we just ate our fill of cakes, scones and sandwiches and tonight Claire is doing a BBQ.
Tomorrow we go to the Chobe river for a cruise, followed by a bush camp, then to Maun where i will celebrate my birthday before 3 days (2 nights) camping rough in the Okavango delta. Hopefully my 2000th world tick will happen in the next few days, at 1990 now.
 We are up to 6 countries now, 3 to go....and all still fantastic. Oh and we found Dan at Vic falls, and he will join us until Cape Town, before flying to America (slightly different from his original idea of spending 2 months in SA!)
More when i get chance, and hopefully some more photos.

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