dinsdag 5 juni 2012

June 2012 - Mongolia update

Well about time for another update...im currently sitting in Bayankhongor airport after a brilliant loop through the Gobi desert on the Mongolia tour.
Highlights so far have included all the hoped for specialities including Altai Snowcock (distant), Oriental Plover, Pallas's Sandgrouse, Relict Gull (3), Falcated Duck, Mongolian Lark, Amur Falcon (hopefully more to come), Azure Tit, Wallcreeper, Lammergeier, Pallas's Gull, Swan Goose (i guess?)! Pallas's Fish Eagle, Demoiselle Crane, Kozlow's Accentor, Mongolian Ground Jay, Saxaul Sparrow.
Then there are the sibes, migrants and supporting cast including Oriental Honey, Black Vulture, Saker, Upland Buzzard, Steppe, Golden and Booted Eagles, Lesser Kestrel, Long-toed Stint, Pacific Golden Plover, Greater Sandplovers, Ferruginous Duck, Pacific Swift, Hoopoe, Beeeater (2-3 record for Mongolia), Asian Brown, Dark-sided, Red-throated and Yellow-rumped Flycatchers, Blyth's, Richard's, Red-throated and Olive-backed Pipits, Pallas's Reed, Black-faced, Little, Godlewski's Buntings, Daurian Jackdaw, Daurian, Desert Grey and Brown Shrikes, Hume's, Asian Desert, Sulphur-bellied, Pallas's Grasshopper, Pallas's, Dusky, Thick-billed, Oriental Reed, Arctic, Two-barred Warblers, tristis Chiffchaff, Black Stork, Isabelline, Pied & Desert Wheatears, Oriental Turtle Dove, Red-necked Phalarope, Temminck's Stint, Caspian, Gull-billed and White -winged Terns, Citrine and Amur Wagtail, Alpine and Brown Accentor, Daurian Redstart, Common, Beautiful and Long-tailed Rosefinch, Mongolian Finch and Rock Sparrow.
All of these birds have been seen in stunning scenery, a few nights camping and with a good selection of mammals thrown in...namely Corsac Fox, Long-eared Hedgehog, Tolai Hare, Goitered Gazelle, Siberian Chipmunk, Daurian Pika and 2 souslik species.
Now heading north to Ulaanbaatar, and on for Siberian Rubythroats, Red-throated Thrush, Azure Tits, Amurs, White-naped Crane, Oriental Cuckoo, Grey-headed Woodpecker and lots more.
Here's a few taster photos....

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