vrijdag 16 december 2011

12-15 december 2011- Massai Mara

We are just back in Nairobi after our safari in the Massai Mara, one of the highlights of my life! I assumed our chances of seeing Leopard were slim, and after a 30 second encounter on the first safari i was feeling pretty smug....only to see 3 more sat under a bush the next day. We saw 8 Cheetahs, incl 2 on a kill....lots of Lions and also Spotted Hyaena, Bat-eared Fox, Black-backed Jackdal, Hippos, Nile Crocs, Giraffes, Zebras, Thomsons and Grants Gazelles, etc..Bird wise it was also excellent and i have now seen 151 species, 63 lifers and the best for me were Kori Bustard, Secretary Bird, Verreaux's Eagle, male Pallid Harriers flying behind Elephants, Grey-backed Fiscal, lots of Red-throated Pipits, White-rumped Swifts etc.
We were well looked after by Gametrackers safari company, and our travelling companions were really great. Yesterday we couldn't return through the park as 2 massai had been killed by a Lion and there was a bit of animosity between locals and the government (apparently they want financial compensation for the deaths). As we are nature/lion loving tourists it was decided to take us the long way home to avoid any conflict. This morning we heard that Massai Mara was closed to tourists so it seems that we left just in time.
There was something very special about laying in your cabin hearing lions, hipos and hyaenas calling outside.....hopefully more of that to come when we get to the Serengeti and Ngorogoro.
Tomorrow we meet the overland group for the first time and spend the night in a new hostel. After a bad night last night wishing that every mosquito in the world died a painful death we have now bought mosquito nets....
Not sure when we will next have internet but will tweet, blog or facebook as and when.

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  1. Dear James,

    At last, after a couple of months I found time to look for your blog and for sure I first went to your report from our safari. I did not even know that Masai Mara was closed for tourists after we left. Anyhow I suppose it did not last very long.

    Very nice to read your text and see pictures. I will check Remkes as well rather soon. And then I have a question. I was very content with the pictures I took with my new little Nikon V-1. But I have hesitated to put them on Facebook for example or anywhere on the net actually. This is because of rights reasons. I do no want anybody unauthorized to steal them so to say. Are there any "safe" places in the cloud where you can put them and only let people you trust look at them?

    If you or Remke know, please tell me.

    As you write, the companions at the safari were all nice people, say hello to any of them if you have some contact.

    Eva sends her regards


    I have a gmail adress but normally you find me here: