donderdag 8 december 2011

8 december 2011 - Last minute madness

All a bit hectic now, those last minute things....My luggage was weighing in at 15kg, then i added a couple more items and it's all of a sudden 25kg! Checking with KLM we can take 2 x 23kg, but then that's not allowed in the overland truck, so a few things have been left behind. Jar of marmite has found it's way back in though!
Yesterday we received an email from Oasis to say it's very wet in Kenya at the minute, so the umbrella has gone back in the bag.
Since i was laid up last week i have been rushing around this week. Last saturday night we celebrated Sinterklaas with friends, and somehow came home with a 'glowing rabbit'....just what we alway wanted?
Remke had shirts made up for us, so now people will at least know how her name is spelt, even if they can't say it
Tuesday night Frank and i headed around to Hermans, where we were treated to chicken sushi and got to learn about 'tough love' ; )
Yesterday i packed and repacked my bags, managed one last meal of 'patat met' and then went on to see Joost. It seems really strange wishing everyone a happy christmas, new year etc and saying see you in 3 months!
This morning we are all checked in, another bomb appears to have hit Remkes 'packing space' and it's time to clean the house, inform the neighbours that we are going away (i know Remkes looking forward to that) and generally wonder what on earth we are doing!
This time tomorrow we will be about to board the plane....and 24 hours later i will be looking at something odd like my first Giraffe!!
Have a great Christmas and NewYear everyone, hope to be in touch.....

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