maandag 28 november 2011

22 november - Tendaba creek crawl

After yesterdays long drive it's always great to take an early morning boat trip through the mangrove creeks around Tendaba. Herons, egrets and kingfishers abound.

And once in the mangroves the birds can be very approachable, such as this African Darter
Squacco Heron
Black Heron
There are some sought after species here as well, such as Goliath Heron
and the elusive White-backed Night Heron
Wintering waders include lots of Common Greenshank, Eurasian Whimbrel, Common Sandpiper and these Ruff
Yellow Wagtails were also present in large numbers, the bird below 'sweet' called when it flew off but there were many White-throated Wagtails heard.
Another target in the mangroves is Brown Sunbird, outshone by it's brighter relatives, these birds are actually really cool. They build their nests on branches and small trees that seemingly can float away at any time!
Woolly-necked Storks are difficult to miss
And the Gambia is full of doves. Below is my favourite African Mourning Dove, a great call, and lovely pale eye.
The creeks can be full of Kingfishers, including Pied, Woodland and Grey-headed.

Not to mention White-throated Bee-eaters
and Abyssinian Rollers
There was even time to look at some non bird things....such as this mudskipper and Water Monitor

Once back on dry land, we did some dry country birding and saw yet more Martial Eagles, and some Four-banded Sandgrouse right next to the road (digiscoping isn't my forte!)

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