maandag 28 november 2011

24 november 2011 - more coastal birding

We started the day at Pirang and had one of the most amazing mornings i have had there. We started within minutes with Green Hylia, then Pied Hornbill, followed by African Green Pigeon, then Grey-headed Bristlebill, Common Wattle-eye and Yellowbill. I mentioned to Sering that one of the few species we still needed was Buff-spotted Woodpecker, at which point something caught my eye....2 Buff-spotted Woodpeckers. Sering just had to go one better and then picked up an African Pygmy Kingfisher in the canopy (his most impressive naked eye find of the tour?)
Afterwards we headed to the shrimp ponds where the Danish owners have decided that birders are not welcome, not even on the public road, and most groups are now kicked off site. Rather oddly the Danish guy working there wouldn't come and talk to us, instead sending his security, all 5 foot 2 inches of him : )

There were yet more raptors present, Yellow-billed Kites are everywhere, this is a juvenile which is more likely to be confused with Black Kite.

and i was trying to get a nice photo of a Pied Crow when this Lanner Falcon ruined the image

Scanning the sky produced more Yellow-billed Storks, and both Black-headed Weaver and Northern Red Bishop showed well nearby

With all the stress of the morning it was time to head somewhere relaxing for lunch.....we chose the beach, and sat in the shade of some palm trees, scanning the gulls and terns (600+ Caspian Terns!!) and one of us even going paddling..

In the afternoon we birded another dry area seeing Scarlet-chested Sunbird, White-fronted Black Chat, Brown-backed Woodpecker, wintering Woodchats and a Whinchat, Black Scimitarbill (photo below)
It was very hot indeed, notice how both the Osprey and Pipefish are panting due to the heat
Finally we had just been watching this Little Bee-eater
when some local kids flushed a Black-bellied Bustard!! What a day.

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