zaterdag 11 februari 2012

11 februari 2012 - Cape Town

Last night we headed out for dinner to celebrate Mustards birthday, before a glass of Belgian beer, and a few more beers in the Irish pub. The weather has been quite rough, at least windy, and todays pelagic was cancelled. It is now rescheduled for tomorrow.
With Table Mountain also closed due to the weather we opted for the Planetarium, and despite offering some of the rudest staff i have ever met was actually quite interesting, but.......reclining seats, darkened room, little sleep and soporific voice soon sent me to dreamland....sorry about the snoring ; )
After Remke woke me up there was time to look at some of the wildlife photo of the year entries, some quality stuff.
Called into the supermarket on the way home, bought supplies ready for tomorrow and thought i would upload a few photos of myself from Remkes camera, whilst Remke repacks her belongings. Meanwhile the fruitcakes that are the other inhabitants of our hostel sit outside discussing how great they are.

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