donderdag 9 februari 2012

9 februari 2012 - Southernmost tip of Africa

Im now sitting in Cape Town, one of the most beautiful places i have ever been. The sight of Table mountain, with table cloth, amazing light is just stunning.
Our last few days in Namibia were nice, with a stunning bush camp near Fish River canyon and a nice camp along the Orange river. Here we said goodbye to Brendan and Meg. We were scheduled anyway to change from Gunga to a bus, but were hoping that Brendan and Meg would still come with us to Cape Town. Understandably considering the circumstances they decided to do their own thing. So it was time for a party and good send off. Josh initiated the drinking, and the speeches, and the pile ons. It was a real testament to the groups love of Brendan, and Meg, which ended with the traditional throwing of the driver into the pool!!
The temperature by the border and in Stellenbosch was unreal. I can't remember ever feeling a heat like it, from the Gobi to the Sahara. Remkes thermometer was reading 54,8 in the sun!
In Stellenbosch i did a wine tasting which was only interesting because our guide was so bad and i saw a chameleon! After sampling 23 wines i still couldn't find one i liked....until Bex let me sample a bottle she bought for €5 for the Spar, much better! Sleeping was hard work due to the heat and the mosquitoes. Having bouht mozzie nets in Nairobi we had given them to Bex to take to Malawi when she goes there to work in the hospital after the trip.
Yesterday we went to Robben island where we were shown around by one of the most entertaining guides ever, really interesting and thankfully we survived a very rough crossing home. I also noticed a Belgian bar with Koninck on tap.....sadly they didn't allow take aways and i fell below the dress code to be served inside.
Below are a selection of photos, hopefully all self explanatory from nice views, Cape Agulhas, Remke trying to catch dinner, Remke repacking (check out how much stuff she is carrying)!

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