woensdag 15 februari 2012

15 februari - and relax

Finally time to do nothing. We are now in East London having driven (well Remke did) from Sedgefield in a day, about an 8 hour drive. We were supposed to be meeting a friend of Remkes here but he can't make it, so instead we are sitting by the pool, being treated superbly and the zebras last night were so close we could hear them grazing. We are staying on a farm/hostel type place and are the only guests. This morning i saw Knysna Turaco before breakfast and tonight they are doing a braai for us.
Anyway no photos yet but chance to put some photos from last few weeks online. All mammals, the lions weren't in the wild by the way. Pelagic photos to follow

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  1. I like the Elephant Shrew James, typical view of a great animal.