woensdag 1 februari 2012

31 januari 2012 - Freefalling

Since we arrived in Swakopmund, adrenaline capital of Namibia or something like that we decided to have a go at skydiving. Well we had thought about it for awhile, but now the time had come....
We signed up, with 5 others from the group and awaited our 9am pick up, due to weather this was delayed until 10am, 12pm and finally at 2pm it was time to go. We drove to the office, paid our money, both of us wanting a cameraman to photo and film the event. Then we drove to the airstrip, and before i knew it my name was first up!!!
Into the plane, climbed to 10000 feet, 3000 metres which really felt much higher. The guys checked i was attached again, the cameraman climbed out and i shuffled my way to the door, the sight of the desert and atlantic below probably not as appreciated as normal?!
Then as easy as 1,2,3 we were out the door, freefalling at 200kmph for 30 seconds, trying to remember to smile to the camera as the wind grabbed my cheeks and sucked every last bit of moisture from my head! Then all too soon the parachute was open, which isn't a bad thing in the world of skydiving....and we had 6-8 minutes of floating down to earth, which in reality was taken up by Dries spinning the parachute in circles, stalling etc and generally making me very pleased that i hadnt just eaten lunch!
What an experience, highly recommended, would have done it again 5 minutes later, just brilliant!!!!

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