zaterdag 18 februari 2012

17 februari 2012 - bungeeeeeeeeeee

When we first started this trip we discussed what we did and didn't want to do. Remke was 110% certain that she didn't want to Bungy, i was 95% sure that i didn't.....when we arrived at Vic falls we were met with the news that the bungy had snapped a week before and that all bungys were off. Shame but that made decisions making easier.
After our sky-dive i started to think more about a bungy jump, and by the time we reached SA i was up to 70% that i wanted to do it.
After a morning birding and walking around Tsitsikamma forest (Knysna Woodpecker etc) it was time to head to Bloukrans. Maybe if i saw some people jumping it would make my mind up. I watched 4 people jump and started to have serious doubts as to whether i could or would do it. After a calming cup of coffee, no alcohol allowed, i headed to the info desk to ask how long the whole jump process would take. Not long at all i heard but i still wasn't sure and had just 2 minutes to make a decision. There were 2 Germans already waiting, and i was offered the chance to walk with them onto the bridge and decide once i was there. I jumped at that opportunity, the bridge itself was spectacular although i tried not to look down too much!
I watched the first 2 jump and made my mind up, i was going to jump as well. The guys on the bridge were great, very calming and professional. I waddled like a penguin to the edge and on their countdown i jumped, arms out and head up from 216 metres.....OH MY GOD......what i have done as i plummeted towards the ground at 120kmph, feeling the reassuring tension of the bungy, followed by 3-4 more falls, and more tension. It was amazing, different to the sharks and the skydive but my heart was racing. I hung upside down for a minute before some guy was winched down to me, to turn me upright and winch me back to the bridge.
Once on the bridge i couldn't stop smiling. So pleased i had done it and was buzzing for hours afterwards!!

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