dinsdag 11 oktober 2011

10 september 2011 - Simon and Caths wedding

This weekend we flew to the UK for Simons wedding, a fantastic affair, great location (both the church and the reception) and nice to meet up with old friends. Simon looked beautiful as ever and Cath scrubbed up well ; )
A few photos below, including me having my credit card taken from me for 5 minutes....when i asked the girl at the help desk she told me just to wait and it would eventually be returned as it happens all the time, and that it doesn't actually give any money out...at which point Remke told her that maybe she should do something about it....The girl replied that she wasn't capable of doing anything, and then looked quite shocked when Little Miss Blunt told her she could probably manage to write 'out of order' on a piece of paper and stick that on the machine.....
We stayed at Owain and Rhians holiday home (that's Owains dog in the photo), just a few hundred metres from the sea, with Med Gulls, Rock Pipits and Shags reminding me what it's like to be near the coast.

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