dinsdag 11 oktober 2011

28 september 2011 - Little Crake

With the continuing nice weather i headed to Flevoland for the Little Crake. After a 45 minute walk, a 3 hour wait and some quite amazingly lazy birders (hands in pockets, one reading a book and one asleep) everyone had gone home, except Richard Houtman and Marco Eerkes (not included in the lazy birders!) With about 20minutes of daylight left i was just about to go home when Richard persuaded me to stay....and 5 minutes later i had the pleasure of saying 'ik heb hem'! We watched the crake until it was too dark to see, and also enjoyed a flypast Bittern. Earlier in the day 2 Goshawks flew through.
The walk back to the car was probably the highlight of the day, as i finally got to hear migrating Bitterns. Magnus had told me several times that i should just head to a Dutch reedbed at the right time of year and listen at night and that i would hear Bitterns calling in flight. This also happened in Poole when birds were present in the winter, when disturbed or near spring departure time they would fly around callig in the dark. Tonight i had 2 and by scanning the darkness with my bins even managed to pick them up as they went higher and to the south. There were also calling Green and Common Sands, Snipe, Water Rail and it was still a balmy 20degrees.

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