donderdag 27 oktober 2011

27 oktober 2011 - Tarts tick

I had several options today, firstly drive to Zeeland for the Lesser Grey Shrike and American Wigeon (the former amazingly rare here considering it's annual in the UK) or head to Lauwersmeer for more raptors and geese.....instead I decided it was time to face up to my biggest 'tarts'....a tarts tick is a species that you really should have seen, but haven't (schaamsoort in Dutch)....anyway I still have 2 on my list, namely Jack Snipe and Razorbill, although i personally feel that Richard's Pipit is also on that list.

Anyway....we don't get many Razorbills in the province of Gelderland, and having not seen one whilst on the coast I will not drive more than 10km for a Razorbill. So today I set my sights on Jack Snipe (Bokje), and knew that Azewijn was a good place for them. It was only 30 minutes drive and after more precise info from a local birder (thanks) the 'life threatening, danger, no entry'' signs indicated where I needed to be.....

It didn't take long and I soon saw 5 birds, plus 6 Common Snipe (Watersnip). Photos of 3 different Jack Snipe below.

 I also saw Woodlark, lots of Redwing and Fieldfare, White-fronted Geese, Goshawk, Great Egret and this Kingfisher.
This Common Buzzard also came pretty close

On the way home I stopped near Lathum to look for Rough-legged Buzzards, can't get enough of them but had to make do with 7 Great Egrets, this one had just finished eating a vole spec.

and this very pale Buzzard

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