maandag 10 oktober 2011

13 & 14 augustus 2011 - Simons stag weekend

Over in the UK for the weekend for Simons stag do (vrijgezel feest), the plan was to climb Snowdown, which we did, with hangovers. Simons planning was exemplary and once we found the correct hostel, at the right time, after eating dinner at 10pm we then awoke to a day of walking, which once we had found the right car park, the right mountain, bumped into Martin Elliott in the middle of nowhere (random!) and set the boys from DIY SOS to work on Owains 'faulty' bunk bed we then walked up a hill for an hour and a half. But it was worth it, check out the view
There was the option to have a beer at the top of the mountain, but as we later learnt that someone had died just before we arrived it was probably wise that we waited until back at the hostel. Well we waited until we were back, due to some misunderstanding Simon sent 4 of his mates the wrong way from the mountain....we hope they have found their way home by now?
Just to prove that the view was reasonable when we set off, and later in the hostel (the owner of which might want to consider his drinking 'issue' serious, throwing up on your own bar at 3am is apparently normal, but starting again at 10am might be considered excessive?

And this van in the car park presumably had it over football? Following recent performances by England and the Dutch it's a shame that no-one seems to be paying attention to the sign! It might also be a karate school for Nigel de Jong?

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