dinsdag 11 oktober 2011

3 september 2011 - Airborne wandeltocht

On 6th september 1947 the Renkum Police-sport organisation arranged a walk in Oosterbeek along the route taken in the airborne battle of september 1944. Since then this event has been repeated every year, and is now the largest one day walking event in the world. This year over 30,000 people took part and Remke and I decided that it would be good to go along. We opted for the 15km walk, instead of the 25km, and it was one of the warmest days of the year, 30degrees and apparently several people were passing out due to heat exhaustion. It was a great atmosphere, with all the residents out in force, lots of Union jacks flying, locals filling their paddling pools and topping up all the water bottles.
A selection of photos below, including one of me, minutes after Frank called me to say there was a Little Bustard on the Hoge Veluwe (20km from home).

Knowing that we were going to a BBQ later, one i had suggested took place, i wanted to shower before heading for the Bustard.....big mistake! Add to that a road closure and that 30minutes delay was just enough to miss the bird. Frank and Marieke kindly waited for me, where they took great pleasure in seeing me ride a bike with no gears or brakes (no-one told me that i needed to pedal backwards!) So after i had completed 2/3 of a triatholon i headed home. We then cycled to Esters for a BBQ, where i felt like i had done enough exercise to warrant eating lots of unhealthy stuff!
In the photo below i think Raymond is comparing the look of my red feet to that of the uncooked meat?

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