dinsdag 11 oktober 2011

15 september 2011 - Lauwersmeer and Deception Tours 1

Due to catch the evening boat to Vlieland for the first Deception weekend of the autumn i decided to travel via Lauwersmeer, where a Glossy Ibis had been hanging around for some time. I failed to see it....also failed to see the Pallid Harrier, nor the Red-necked Phalaropes or White-winged Tern....it was comforting to know that i hadn't lost my sharpness!
There were 10 Caspian Terns, lots of Black Terns, Garganey, Ruff, Golden Plover, Greenshank etc.

I then met up with the rest of the guys, Frank, Bart, Gerben and Niels. After a quick discussion about the different names of chips and mayo, depending on what combination of sauce you throw on top...we then set about being the biggest bunch of dudes ever. Here is a nice picture of a boat.

And here are the guys...we decided to keep our hands in our pockets all weekend, although Niels decided to keep his behind his back....Frank is doubling his chances of seeing nothing by also looking in the wrong direction.....

Thankfully when we arrived it was too dark to do any birding, so we had to go to Tante Pe and drink LaChouffe....

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